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Environmental & Regulatory Specialists, Inc.

223 62nd Street
Newport Beach, Ca 92663
phone: (949) 646-8958
email: info@earsi.com

Unsecure FTP Site

Clicking on this line takes you to the EARSI FTP site.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer version 7 handles FTP communications poorly.   The following trick allows users to easily drag files and folders to and from our FTP site.

Open Notepad, the pure ASCII text editor found in the Taskbar Programs/Accessories Menu.   Copy and paste the following line into the Notepad window.

explorer.exe ftp://transfer%40earsi.com@www.transfer.earsi.com

Save the file (in a place where you can find it) with the name EARSI-ftp.bat.   Double click on the EARSI-ftp.bat icon.   This opens a Windows Explorer window.   Leave the password field blank and click the Log On button.

Secure Job File Access

Click me to get to the Map Site.

This is used for file download only. A single right-click on the map will display a decimal degree coordinate. Use the drop-down menu for quick selection. Not all coordinates are plotted. This is a work in progress.


The following links access EARSI webmail accounts using the indicated tools.

WebMail - NeoMail

WebMail - Horde

WebMail - SquirrelMail

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