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  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April 12, 2007

 CEQA Greenhouse Gas Analysis and Reduction Services 

Environmental & Regulatory Specialists, Inc. and its affiliates:

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We are pleased to announce the first comprehensive suite of services to assist public agencies and the development community in complying with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements resulting from AB-32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.

EARSIís services begin with The Green Report, which contains a greenhouse gas emissions inventory for a project and a menu of quantifiable recommendations from a multi-disciplinary team to reduce a projectís greenhouse gas footprint.   We then assist our clients in developing Financial Strategies to implement a set of feasible mitigation measures and project design features to reduce emissions.   Finally, in concert with legal experts, we will craft a CEQA document that includes Quantitative Analysis developed by EARSI to establish whether the project complies with CEQA, pursuant to the criteria established in AB-32.

For information on how EARSI can assist in reducing your projectís carbon footprint and in achieving CEQA compliance with regard to climate change issues, please email us at greenreport@earsi.com.

Environmental & Regulatory Specialists, Inc.
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